Monday, November 27, 2006


by Jo Leigh

When reading series I often worry about whether the second book will be as good as the first. Relentless is as good as Closer … Jo Leigh has created a cast of characters that you care about, root for; and a storyline that draws you in to its own little world. Relentless is full of intrigue and romance, one of my favorite combinations. This is the first official book of the In Too Deep miniseries, its main characters introduced in Closer … Alienated from their families, wanted desperately by their enemies, this group of ex-Delta troopers and civilians are fighting for their very lives. With the use of underground resources, assumed names and their own special talents, they weave their way through a labyrinth of intrigue and betrayal, relying only upon one another. Kate Rydell was a forensic accountant for the U.N. when her life was shattered in Kosovo. Now she leads a low-profile life, jumping from place to place, setting down roots no where. Only this time there’s no easy way out. Kate witnesses a murder and the cop assigned to the job, Vince Yarrow, isn’t letting her slip out of his sight. For Vince, the death of a friend and finding out who killed him is more important than whatever Kate is hiding from and he’ll do anything to secure her testimony to put the murderers away, except he hadn’t counted on falling in love. Kate would be putting her own life, let alone the lives of the others in the group, on the line if she testifies. And falling in love would only get in the way.

I love Jo Leigh’s writing, the tight spiral of suspense and tension that exudes from every scene she sets up. The sexual currents between Kate and Vince are palpable; their reluctance to open up and their eventual capitulation to feelings that neither one can afford are realistic in Leigh’s portrayal. These are characters that you can understand and commiserate with; situations that raise your heartbeat, and a love story that lingers long after the last page is turned. 5 stars for this one.


UPDATE: 2007 RITA for Best Romantic Suspense Finalist
Winner of's Reader's Choice 2006


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