Monday, November 27, 2006

The Maverick

by Rhonda Nelson

The Maverick marks the end of the Men Out of Uniform miniseries that I’ve enjoyed immensely. I hate to leave these characters behind, they’ve been wonderful; Jamie in The Player, Payne in The Specialist, and now Guy in The Maverick. Rhonda Nelson has sculpted well-rounded characters, plotlines that elicit giggles and love stories that bring a sigh to your lips. And have I mentioned the men? These stories revolve around three former Rangers who left the service following the death of one of their friends on a mission that went incredibly wrong. The price for their freedom is a favor that each much repay to their former Colonel. It’s now Guy’s turn and he’s more than a bit leery as the preceding favors ended in his friends falling in love. Guy has vowed to never fall in love, a result of watching his father batter his mother for most of his life. He’s afraid that this abusive behavior lies dormant in him. Then there’s the guilt over his friend Danny’s death. As the leader of the group he feels the most responsible. But he made a deal and now it’s time to pay up. Colonel Garrett is facing pressure to retire and he thinks his only hope is to put together another group like Guy’s, and he needs the former leader to train them. It isn’t easy for Guy to walk back on to that base, nor to ignore the instant attraction he feels for Julia Beckham, the relationship expert that Garrett has recruited to help in the training. Julia has problems of her own, none the least the night she spent in jail prior to their first meeting. Her attempt at sexual role-playing in order to keep her latest boyfriend backfired, an embarrassing photo in its wake. If only she were more sexually thrilling, then maybe the men in her life wouldn’t leave with a yawn and a wave. What she thinks she needs is an all-out sensual encounter of the horizontal kind with a no-strings attached bad boy and Guy fits the bill. He’s willing to participate, only to discover that maybe strings is just what he’d like.

These books have been filled with great dialogue, witty banter and heart-thumping romance. Once again, Rhonda Nelson has written a 4 star book.



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