Monday, September 11, 2006

Out of This World

by Jill Shalvis

Guest reviewer: Brandy

I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. If you love the old sitcom I Love Lucy you will adore this book. Rachel Wood, an L.A. mural artist, inherits her Aunt Gerts B&B in the wilds of Alaska. Little does she know that the guests and staff are far from normal when she decides to visit to look over her inheritance with her friend Dot McInty. But Dot, having a paying day job, can't go with her and sends her brother Kellan, a Dolphin trainer, along instead. Kellan has loved Rachel for as long as he can remember, but knows that she doesn't know this and intends to keep things the way they are. He’d rather have her friendship, than nothing at all. Rachel has barely started her visit when things go weirdly wrong and she faces her surprising feelings for Kellan, the strange staff, and dangerous visitors from really far away. All in all, it was delightful. I do have to warn you, it is written in first person, from the point of view of Rachel and even Kellan. I do, however, recommend this book.



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