Thursday, August 24, 2006


by Sasha White

Sasha White has the ability to write sizzling sex scenes with feeling, something that not all erotica writer’s can do. The relationship between Katie and Joe is full of sexual tension even when they are not making love. Katie Long was the town’s “golden girl” and she was a little tired of the title. Feeling cooped up in the small town of Chadwick, she yearned to go to Vancouver and find what she knew her small town couldn’t give her. Seducing enigmatic Joe Carson on a dare, she discovered what she hadn’t known before – she loved giving up control, letting someone else call the shots. But Joe doesn’t fit into her plans. Or does he?

I was first introduced to these characters in Sasha’s short story Shift Change, which is in the book Sex in the Office. This little snippet into the lives of Katie and Joe was enough to make me anxious to read their entire story. And I was not disappointed. Bound is a great erotic romance - an Amazon five stars from me.


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