Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Try Me ...

by Jill Shalvis

The Shalvis does it again. Another wonderful Blaze story with all of the sex, humor and human emotion that I’ve come to expect from her. Lily Peterson was addicted to adrenaline; the natural high was an intricate part of who she was, so when she was seriously hurt while fighting a fire, the forced inactivity sent her plummeting to the depths of insecurity. Will her broken body ever recover fully, or would Lily be resigned to never feeling the exhilaration that risk taking always brought her? To find out, she goes back to the beginning, her first job guiding groups up into the Sierra Mountains. She’s determined to push herself to the limits and rediscover herself.

Jared Skye is a computer geek, never without some techno gadget, a city slicker through and through. After winning a fight with cancer, he’s determined to live life to the fullest and this trip up into the mountains is next on his list. With a renewed sense of what is important in life, he sets out to help Lily find her way – and when he falls in love he hopes that way leads to him.

Again, Shalvis has written a multi-layered story about not only a journey of physical endurance, but of mental and spiritual challenges. The secondary characters are once more an integral part of the story, providing not only much of the humor, but contributing to a fully developed backdrop to Lily and Jared’s love story.

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