Sunday, September 24, 2006

Double Dare

by Saskia Walker

Publication Date: October 3, 2006

Sizzling isn’t the right word to describe this erotic romance, but it’s the closest I can think of. This is the kind of erotic romance that I love – one man, one woman exploring the depths of sensuality while falling in love. Saskia Walker has captured the heart of human emotions in a way that few authors can and this book was a joy to read.

Abigail Douglas works as an investment advisor, but she has ambitions of opening her own company some day and is just waiting for the chance to prove herself capable of handling a big account on her own. And she’s horny. So it’s no surprise when she catches the eye of a sexy courier in the buildings elevator. Even better when he follows her into the office. Since past experience has taught her that men shy away when they learn of her profession (that brainy problem), she tells him she’s the receptionist, a little white lie that will, unbeknown to her, figure into their relationship. Later, when she’s handed the reins of the Ashburn Company, she knows this is the job that could make fulfilling her dream possible.

Zachary Bordino is doing his mother a favor. Health issues has forced her to cut back on her work so she needs someone she can trust to take over some of the duties at her firm, The Ashburn Company. So he finds himself acting the part of courier and delivering papers to the company that has a short-term contract to handle her affairs. Of course, eyeing the beautiful receptionist is just a perk. Later, Zac discovers that she is actually a member of the team handling his mother’s portfolio. When she shows up at his club later, he’s not sure what her motives are and decides to let her continue to think he was just a courier. He sends his right-hand man Nathan to gather information, telling himself that it’s just to find out whether she’s up to something or if this is all just a coincidence. But deep down, he’s deeply attracted to her. Soon he falls in love, but when he reveals who he really is can he save this relationship?

Did I say sizzling? The sex in this book is hot, the relationships realistic. The tension between Zac and Abby is palpable. Ms. Walker clearly knows her way through the libido and her understanding of human emotions makes for a great love story. There’s also a nice secondary love story between Nathan and Abby’s friend (and real receptionist) Suzanne. I loved these characters and cared about their relationships. I’ve always liked Ms. Walker’s stories in the past, but this one has definitely put her on my list of must-reads.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Out of This World

by Jill Shalvis

Guest reviewer: Brandy

I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. If you love the old sitcom I Love Lucy you will adore this book. Rachel Wood, an L.A. mural artist, inherits her Aunt Gerts B&B in the wilds of Alaska. Little does she know that the guests and staff are far from normal when she decides to visit to look over her inheritance with her friend Dot McInty. But Dot, having a paying day job, can't go with her and sends her brother Kellan, a Dolphin trainer, along instead. Kellan has loved Rachel for as long as he can remember, but knows that she doesn't know this and intends to keep things the way they are. He’d rather have her friendship, than nothing at all. Rachel has barely started her visit when things go weirdly wrong and she faces her surprising feelings for Kellan, the strange staff, and dangerous visitors from really far away. All in all, it was delightful. I do have to warn you, it is written in first person, from the point of view of Rachel and even Kellan. I do, however, recommend this book.